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12 Best Things to Do in Richmond, VA: Attractions & Activities In 2022

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Best Things to Do in Richmond

12 Best Things to Do in Richmond, VA: Attractions & Activities In 2022

Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is located on the James River in the heart of the state and has a deep connection to two main erasions in American history.

He was boiled independence in colonial times and served as the capital of the Confederation during the civil war when there was a scene of over five years of battles because the army of the Confederates fought for a weapon of him from capturing the Union.

When he finally succeeded, the Confederate army in the withdrawal that burned the warehouses, starting the fire, which destroyed most of the city of Antebellum.

Currently, many attractions of Richmond told the history of the civil war and the path of life, noon he fought to protect. But tourists do not come here in history; The city also offers animated districts, active cultural life and classes for all ages.

Please find the best places to visit our list of the best attractions and attractions in Richmond.

12 Best Things to Do in Richmond, VA:

Best Things to Do in Richmond
Best Things to Do in Richmond

1. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Important Collections of the Virginia Museum are envy many museums in larger cities. Permanent galleries of European art from the beginning of the 20th century include works on the leader of French artists – Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Brake Georges, among them.

The Museum has an outstanding collection of the Fabergé Nation, Jewels of Easter eggs, enamelled boxes and trinkets, and enamel work and precious stones of another prime minister of Russian artists.

The Museum held the collection of modernist Fischer works by international, adding exceptional examples of German expressionism.

Other noticed collections include French Impressionists, Silver English; And especially the Collections of Nouveau, Art Deco and Modern and Contemporary American art. South Asia, Himalayan and African art are other collections considered among the best in the country.

Address: 200 North Arthur Ashe Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia

2. Maymont

Best Things to Do in Richmond

The Maymont Estate was left to the city of Richmond by James and Sallie Dooley, who built it in the late 1890s and lived here until 1925. It includes a residence, a greenhouse, various gardens, a 100-acre park, a children’s farm. And a collection of carriages.

The residence itself is a museum, restored and furnished in a rich and luxurious style famous in the late 19th century when the Dooley first lived here. It is full of the treasures they collected during their travels worldwide and is the epitome of the Golden Age when millionaires publicly displayed and enjoyed their wealth.

The gardens that Dooley paid the same attention to are spectacular and designed with your enjoyment in mind. You can take a picnic with you and visit the Nature Center, which explores the natural history of the James River that overlooks the property.

Address: 1700 Hampton Street, Richmond, Virginia

3. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Best Things to Do in Richmond
Best Things to Do in Richmond

While the Botanical Garden may not be the first place you think to bring your kids, Lewis Ginter’s Botanical Garden has a surprising number of things to do for both kids and adults, making it the perfect place to visit on a nice day.

The children’s garden is designed to encourage interaction, and here children can dig, climb and even cool off in the water play area, perfect on a hot day. The site also has a unique CWDKids treehouse that is fully wheelchair accessible so everyone can enjoy the view from the top.

The 63-foot-tall Conservatory with a dome also houses many exhibits and things to see, including palm trees; cactus; orchid houses; and seasonal shows such as the Christmas light festival, model train show and butterfly experience.

There is also a rose garden with more than 70 varieties on a plot of 50 acres; a communal kitchen garden where they feed needy local seniors and children; an area dedicated to Asian plants; and many other specialized gardens.

Address: 1800 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, Virginia

4. White House of the Confederacy

Best Things to Do in Richmond

Built-in 1818 as a private residence, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, his wife Varina, and their children from August 1861 until they were forced to leave Richmond in April 1865.

Beautifully restored to its aggressive appearance, it is now outfitted with the pinnacle of period fashion, with rococo-renaissance-style silk furniture, fine carpets, and flocked wallpaper just like it did when visitors like Robert E. Lee visited it.

Varian Davis was an accomplished hostess, and the house reflected her style as she entertained at dinners, parties, balls and garden parties during the Richmond social season. Maybe visit the garden she planted behind the house, full of fragrant roses.

The Tredegar Iron Works serves as the Confederation Museum, with vast artefacts from the Civil War and Confederate states. While the collections include flags, guns, photographs, and other artefacts, the permanent and changing exhibits focus on personal stories.

Address: 1201 E Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia

5. Virginia State Capitol

Best Things to Do in Richmond
Best Things to Do in Richmond

The impressive white Capitol was built in 1785-1788 for the design of Thomas Jefferson, which modeled him on the Roman temple known as Cavier Maison in Nimes in France. A few important events were carried out in the history of Confederates, including the Capejic Virginia ratification and the appointment of Robert E. Lee as the commander of the Southern Army.

The statue of George Washington in the lobby was Jean-Antoine Houdon. Capitol is located in a spacious park known as Capitol Square, where you can also see the Governor’s residence from 1813; Belltower built-in 1824, which is currently located in the visitors’ center; George Washington’s equestrian monument erected in 1857; And the housing state offices in Washington 1924.

Address: 910 Capitol Street, Richmond, Virginia

6. Stroll through Church Hill Historic District

Best Things to Do in Richmond

The impression of what Richmond was before the civil war, visit the streets east of the State Capitol, outside I-95, where you will find about 70-holiday homes, and Episcopal Church San Juan, built-in 1741. Patricia Patrick Henry made a famous speech that brought a password, “Give me freedom or give me death,” during the Second Virginia Convention.

This is the oldest church in the city, and you can take a guided tour of your most important. The oldest building in Richmond is an old stone house in 1914 East Main Street, built-in 1737.

It is located in the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, remembering the poet and the author who has lived in Richmond for several years and worked in a local newspaper. Some manuscripts, documents, and original personal items are shown in the museum.

Address: 1914 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia

7. American Civil War Center at Tredegar Iron Works

Best Things to Do in Richmond
Best Things to Do in Richmond

Former Iron Tradeegar works on the James River in the center of Richmond, was founded in 1837, and was one of the most significant industrial places in the country before the civil war. When the war broke out, it was the largest of the Confederation and provided about half of the artillery to the Confederate Army. The national historic landmark appointed the website.

Currently, Museum, the central strength center, surrounds the ruined walls of the major foundry, with exhibition galleries devoted to the interpretation of the causes and the consequences of the civil war from the perspectives of the Confederate, Union, and African Americans.

Inaugurated in 2019, a new building contains over 7,000 square feet of the gallery surface for permanent and changing exposures. The climax of the visit is a unique, addictive theatrical experience in the Museum, which brings to life the role of Richmond in the civil war.

Address: 480 Tredegar Street, Richmond, Virginia

8. Virginia Holocaust Museum

Best Things to Do in Richmond

The Virginia Holocaust Museum offers visitors the exhausting history of the Holocaust and its social and political atmosphere, which led to its beginnings through terrible consequences. Exhibitions include artifacts, photos, and personal stories that put light on a tragedy.

The most impressive of these artifacts is a German “car dealer,” which was used by the Nazis to transport prisoners to the camps; You will be able to examine the experience with a lot of support.

Other important exhibitions include the history of the survival of the Ipson family, a complete reproduction of the Nuremberg test room, and the Jewish American solid room.

Address: 2000 East Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia

9. Walk or Cruise along the Canal

Best Things to Do in Richmond
Best Things to Do in Richmond

George Washington urged the Virginie General Assembly to build a chain and paths to connect to the coastal ports in the Western markets. The result was the chain of James River-Kanawha, which you can follow today more than 1.25 km of paved promises interspersed with historical monuments, statues, and markers that tell him the story of the four centuries of Richmond.

Along the walk, the channel is Brown Island, the outdoor concert scene and the annual Richmond Folk Festival, and the American Civil War Center in the old stodgier iron. You can also surf the 40-minute historic excursion chain, which leaves at the rotating basin, between 14 and Virginia Street wharf streets.

10. Virginia Museum of History and Culture

Best Things to Do in Richmond

The Museum of History and Culture of Virginia houses permanent and rotating exhibitions, which explore the natural and cultural history of the state. Its central display, the history of Virginia, contains a collection of more than 500 artifacts, which give visitors first-hand the articles of the past, prehistoric tools, to contemporary achievements.

Sassy permanent exhibition documents include:

  • A collection of Confederate historical records.
  • A gallery of military thematic murals.
  • An exhibition on the silver industry in Virginia.

The Museum’s library and archives are another critical aspects of collections, and there is a large number of genealogy resources available, including the newly developed database of Virginia slave names.

Address: 428 North Arthur Ashe Boulev

11. The Valentine Museum and Richmond History Center

Best Things to Do in Richmond
Best Things to Do in Richmond

The eclectic collections and exhibitions at the Valentine’s Museum tell the stories of people and incidents they made Virginia. The goal, in addition to its gallery, there are two other important buildings.

Valentine’s Day Sculpture Studio V. Valentine’s Day is one of the four that survived the 19th-century American sculpture open to public study. The mussels and models of many of its works are here, as well as sketches, plans, and their tools.

The historic 1812 Wickham House is an exceptional example of 19th-century federal architecture, mainly known by some of the best examples of inland decorative painting in America.

This shows how eminent families of Richmond lived and gives an overview of their private world. On several occasions, the basement soil is also accessible to the public, which shows how the slaves of the household lived and worked.

Address: 1015 East Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia

12. Richmond National Battlefield Park

Best Things to Do in Richmond

During the civil war, as the capital of the Confederation, Richmond was a primary objective of capturing the forces of the Union and set several attacks before succeeding in April 1865, only a few days before the delivery of Lee to Appomattox, the war will end.

Richmond’s National Battlefield National Park is reviewing not only the two primary campaigns to take Richmond, the 1862 Peninsula campaign and the 1864 Terrestrial Campaign, but also the largest Hospital of Confederation and a ship.

The walking trails bear them along the kilometers of the original fortifications and places where the opposing soldiers fought some separate feet. Many visitors highlight and interpret events and places of interest.

The Porth Frish Visitor Center presents a walk, the last Union, and the Confederate lines, establishing the June 1864 scene with an electronic combat card. In Fort Harrison, you will learn more about an attack on September 29, 1864, at the fort.

Exhibitions and an electronic combat card in Glendale Visitor National Center Explain the battles of Glendale and Malvern Hill, part of General McClellan’s seven-day campaign in 1862. in Chimborazo Park, you will learn about the hospital. Confederate of Chimborazo of the 1860s, which was one of the world’s largest military hospitals.

Address: 3215 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Things to Do in Richmond

Is Richmond VA worth visiting?

Richmond is the capital city of Virginia and worth a visit as well to learn about the city’s important role in Virginian and American history. It was a prominent Powhatan Confederacy village and settled by colonists from England in the early 1600s.

What is Richmond best known for?

Richmond, Virginia, is known for its well-preserved history and role in the Civil War, memorialized with museums, statues, cemeteries, and more. People also enjoy its intricate canals and easy access to the James River. It also has an abundance of up-and-coming nightlife and neighborhoods.

Is Richmond Virginia worth visiting?

Richmond is the capital city of Virginia and worth a visit as well to learn about the city’s important role in Virginian and American history. It was a prominent Powhatan Confederacy village and settled by colonists from England in the early 1600s.

What food is Richmond Va known for?

Beyond salty ham biscuits, pimento cheese and other classic staples of the Virginia larder, Richmond has become a destination for great eating with a bumper crop of homegrown culinary concepts. Indeed, the city is luring some of the country’s top chefs with low rents, Virginia hospitality and an informed dining public.

Is Richmond Virginia Beautiful?

The capital of Virginia, Richmond is a beautiful historic city where travelers find an array of great museums, gardens, attractions and restaurants. Best things to do in Richmond, VA with kids include the Science Museum of Virginia, the Virginia Aviation Museum and Richmond National Battlefield Park.

Is it safe to walk in Richmond VA?

Even though parts of downtown Richmond are considered to be high crime areas, crime in Richmond is not random. If you are walking down the streets of downtown Richmond during the daylight hours, minding your own business, chances are you will not be bothered.

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