15 Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey: Best Time To Visit 2022

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Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

15 Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey: Best Time To Visit 2022

With nearly 130 miles of unspoiled coastline, New Jersey is home to some of the Northeast’s most beautiful beaches. We are talking about beaches ideal for kitesurfing, building sandcastles and fishing, and others so peaceful that they dispel even the most significant worries.

With 44 beaches stretching along the coast from Cape May (south) to Sandy Hook (north), Garden State could easily be called the Beaches State. It’s no wonder that New Jersey’s best beaches are a favorite summer vacation destination for locals and tourists alike.

Whether you want to spend your day basking in the sun as one side of the waves gently lap up to Stone Harbor, or hope people will see the more touristy Wildwood Beach, you’ll find the perfect spot for your New Jersey beach fancy. Get there early to collect your claim.

Not sure where to start? Narrow your options with our list of the best beaches in New Jersey.

1. Cape May Beaches

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey
Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Cape May is perhaps Jersey’s most beautiful coastal town, and its city beaches are often referred to as New Jersey’s best beaches. Technically a long and wide beach (approximately 2.5 miles), Cape May’s sprawling sandy coastline is split into 16 different beaches, most of which are named after the nearest Beach Avenue crossing street (such as Queen Street, Decatur Street, and Broadway).

An ideal destination for singles, couples, and families, Cape May’s urban beaches offer lots of fun activities, with lifeguards on duty to keep everyone safe (from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, which is July 1st until Labor Day). Visitors can swim, fish, kayak, skimboard, play beach volleyball or try surfing (Poverty Beach, The Cove, Surfing Beach, and South Queen beaches only).

Visitors are required to have a beach ID if traveling between Memorial Day and Labor Day. They can be purchased from Broadway, Gurney Street, Howard Street, Madison Avenue, and beach entrances. If you choose to buy them online, you will still have to pick them up in person.

Known as the oldest seaside resort in the country, Cape May’s beaches are dotted with quaint streets dotted with Victorian houses, quirky shops, and quaint guesthouses. If you are looking for a livelihood, head to one of the tasty restaurants nearby and bring take-out food to enjoy on the sand.

For those looking to beat the heat or enjoy a rainy day indoors, visit one of Cape May’s top attractions, such as the Cape May Park and Zoo, the Firefighters Museum, or Cape May Lighthouse, or relax at one of the many spas.

After a busy day, stop at Uncle Charley’s Ice Cream for homemade hand-dipped ice cream, a favorite of anyone visiting the Jersey Coast. Just a short walk from the beach, Virginia Hotel has a lovely veranda to lure you from the shore, and Angel of the Sea is a Victorian delicacy complete with afternoon tea.

2. Ocean City Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

More than eight miles of clear coastline welcome visitors to Ocean City, the family-friendly white-sand sugar island. Technically divided into several beaches (similar to Cape May), Ocean City beaches include Waverly Boulevard, Seventh Street, 16th Street, and St. Charles Place.

The most famous stretch of glittering beach overlooks a spectacular postcard-perfect boardwalk that guides tourists through nearly two and a half miles of breathtaking scenery. This is where you’ll find the most action, and it can get quite crowded on a hot summer day.

While many beaches are supervised from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, from Memorial Day to Sunfest weekend (usually the third weekend after Labor Day), surfing is only allowed on a few: Waverly Boulevard, Seventh Street, 16th Street, and the South Beaches. of 36. The street where “three blocks separate the lifeguard posts.”

When they’re not playing in the waves or burying each other in the sand, kids will love all the fun activities Ocean City has to offer, like amusement and water parks, miniature golf courses, and concerts at Ocean City Music Pier. Gillian’s Wonderland Pier is a particularly epic place that draws crowds and offers 25 attractions.

3. Wildwood Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey
Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Wildwood is a place where you can find more excitement than the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by five miles of lush sand so soft your toes will dip into it, this family-friendly venue is also home to an epic 36-block promenade with rides, games, and gift shops. Chat about a typical Jersey Shore vacation.

The beach stretches for almost five miles, offering guests plenty of space to park their sun loungers and set up a business for a day of fun and relaxation on the sand. Lifeguards are on duty from 10:00 to 17:30. M. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, you’ll find plenty of places to rent water sports equipment such as boogies and surfboards.

Did you forget your sun lounger? No problem. Can be rented on site. Don’t you want to drag all your stuff on the sand? Hire a “beach taxi” to transport your belongings.
Morey’s Piers is a must-see for those with children or are kids at heart. It has two water parks and plenty of onshore activities, perfect for kids (and adults) of all ages. The pier is located on the vast Wildwoods boardwalk.

When it’s time to cool off, of course, take a dip in the ocean. Then, eat a delicious cold treat (or two) from the Kohr brothers’ iced cream.

For an actual Wildwood experience, choose one small retro motel such as the Quebec Motel By-The-Sea. If you’re looking for a larger property, the Adventurer Oceanfront Inn is located on a strip at the beginning of the boardwalk.

4. Asbury Park Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Asbury Park hasn’t always been known as one of New Jersey’s best beaches, but things have changed over the past decade. Its recent transformation has included a renewed promenade with great restaurants and exciting shops.

Asbury Park Beach is a mile-long stretch of clean white sand, so pristine you’ll want to build a sandcastle, even if you’re not visiting with your kids. Stand back and swim, jump into a kayak, or check your balance on a paddleboard.

Do you have a fishing rod? You can also fish here. And it’s only a 90-minute drive to New York and Philadelphia. A lover of all things from the 80s? This is the beach for you. Both Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen have graced the local venues and started in places like Stone Pony, where you can still hear live music.

Pinball fans will return to their childhood after visiting the Arcades of the Silverball Museum on the boardwalk. Asbury Park’s eclectic mix of activities makes it a destination for young and old alike.

Do you have a four-legged friend? 8th Avenue Dog Beach in Asbury Park is one of New Jersey’s best beaches to hang out with your dog.

Suppose you want to stay in the area. In that case, the Asbury Hotel scores high marks for its professional and friendly service, and the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel is a modern budget hotel with a superb beachfront location.

5. Brigantine Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey
Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Brigantine Beach is an essential element of the jersey. Located on a barrier island just 5 km north of Atlantic City, the island’s sandbanks (as it is called the premises) attract travellers seeking to swim, watch, kayak, sup, fish, kitesurfing, Living room and even jet ski.

With Perfiebuoy (A.K.A. Patrol of the beach) of the June 15 service at work, visitors are invited to play waves from 10h to 17h30 in 20 different sections of the beach. Those looking for surfing can do it in one of the four areas: 12th Street North, 10th South Street, south of the sandy bath and north of southern Embarcadero.

The beach labels are needed for each 12-year range, and you will need special permission if it plans to drive a 4×4 or use a ski jet. There are five parking areas on the beach, a parking a breeze.

Dogs can enjoy the beach from October 1 to May 29, provided they have less than six feet long and crossed.

6. Sandy Hook

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Located in the extreme north of the Jersey Coast, this national park is home to one of the best beaches in New Jersey. You will have to pay to access it, but when you are inside the country of the National Park, you will enjoy the beautiful white sand and many car parks, something of a bonus in this state. In season, I should arrive early to appreciate this destination and the surrounding nature better.

There is more than having to tan in this barrier bar of the earth. Bring your bike and cross the seven-mile bike path in the park; book a primitive camp for camping and sleeping under the stars, windsurfing or kiteboard.

There is also an excellent observation of birds. One of the best ways to experience the sand hook is through one of the canoe excursions taken to Ranger, who leads adventurers on a two-mile trip, which allows you to leave a sand hook some water.

Blue Bay Inn is an attractive boutique hotel located close to Highlands Atlantic. If you want to spend a day in Manhattan, the Sask ferry is two blocks away and will take you to the city in a picturesque 35 minutes.

7. Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey
Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Island Beach State Park is one of the best and natural beaches of the best beaches in New Jersey. Located in a narrow barrier of the island, this protected park was formed by the mother’s naturalize. Multiple storms and aggressive tides left her impression here. This is one of the last remaining islands of the genre in the state.

The park is located between the Dramatic Atlantic Ocean and Bahía de Barnegat, which offers visitors access to various water-based activities. Swimming is allowed along with a range of long miles extending in the middle of the park.

It is kept from 10 am to 6 pm on the weekend of memories until the second Saturday of June and daily on this second day, Saturday during the working day. Tip: Do not bring flotation devices such as inner tubes or rafts. They are not allowed on the site.

Fees are needed to go to the island. Still, once you are present, you can enjoy the coast in your natural state, with clean beaches, spacious bathrooms, shower and peak areas. Visitors can walk on scheduled trails, enjoy a picnic, swim in the ocean, surfing and canoeing.

This is the perfect place to visit the day for those seeking a respite from the agitation of other cities on the coast. It also houses the largest eagle colony, so be sure to bring your binoculars and your bird guide.

The nearest hotel in the park is the Windjammer Motor Inn. A half-block of the beach, this place is a good value for money. It has a large swimming pool and offers beach passes to guests.

8. 7 Mile Beach, Avalon

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Seven miles Beach is another jewel on the jersey shore. Located on the island of Seven Miles, this beautiful place has white sand sugar that makes New Jersey one of the leading destinations of the Northeast Coast Beach, especially in the summer.

Also known as the Beach of Avalon, this family sand section extends through two districts of New Jersey: Avalon (in the North) and Port Port (south). No matter what team you choose, you are a gift.

Those who travel with small people can relax a little longer in summer, knowing that their precious tykes are protected by the patrol of the Beach of Avalon.

Are you waiting for surfing? HAND! You can only do it on the ranges of 30 and 63 rue, or both sides of the 12th Street. Inflatable rafts are allowed in one of the bathroom areas. However, the bad news for those waiting for kayak or body of the body. These activities are prohibited from 10h to 17h.

The facilities are scattered throughout the region, which facilitates the mix for a day at sea. We suggest that you answer early to attract dawn, which is quite spectacular.

As is the case with most of the best beaches in New Jersey, you have to buy a beach tag to access the Beach from the end of memorial day until early September. These can be purchased from a beach patrol label inspector in service or community hall.

9. Ocean Grove Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey
Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

While the ocean can get rough at Ocean Grove Beach, its wide, shallow waters are great for families. The long boardwalk is another kid-friendly bonus offering unbeatable views, a stroller-ready base, and a picturesque pier.

Popular activities on this silky soft sand beach include the usual water sports (swimming, paddling, surfing, bodyboarding, and floating), but visitors can also indulge in unique sports like beach tennis – there is a sand court between Main and Middle beach, and you can take paddles at the beach office.

Lifeguards are on duty during the summer, and sustenance and sundries are just a couple of blocks away in downtown Ocean Grove. Fun activities are planned throughout the year, including family movie nights and a sandcastle contest.

The beach is open on weekends from Memorial Day weekend through June 19. After that, visitors can have fun on the shoreline from 9 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and from noon to 5:30 pm on Sundays through September 7.

Beach badges are required to access Ocean Grove Beach during the summer. Day passes go on sale at 5 pm the night before.

10. Long Beach Island

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Long Beach Island is another favourite of families visiting the shore of Jersey. Throughout this stretch of 18 miles of sandy, the small cities dot the landscape. This summer colony organizes many residents moving on the shore for the season as soon as the school year ends.

You will find water sports, shops, restaurants, fairs, festivals, and artificial fireworks show among the many beaches. Do not miss the infamous Barnegat, an attractive town at the north end, which has somehow preserved its original character. The Historical Lighthouse is a climax.

For those looking for adventures, you can enjoy surf lessons or take advantage of the amusement park rides. For a rainy day or to get out of the hot sun, bring children to the Museum of the Historical Association of Long Beach Island, where they will enjoy fun activities.

The steps of the beach, the drift sands represents a good value on the island of Long Beach. Windward on the beach is an excellent Bed and Breakfast experience one block from the beach, with free parking and an outdoor shower.

11. Belmar Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey
Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Belmar is a favourite visitor to Jersey. With tones of attractions, trade fairs, festivals and a beautiful beach, it’s easy to see why travellers come here every year.

The city offers a vivid centre; Well maintained seaside, free from shepherds; And Marina for those who want to fish or sail. In addition to these benefits, Belmar is best known for its clean beaches and games on the beach for families, which are several blocks. It was one of the first cities of New Jersey, thanks to which its beaches are available to wheelchairs.

Remember to check the city page before your stay, because the summer months are full of festivals and families for tourists and residents. Although there is there, visit one of the many seafood restaurants, such as Mr Shrimps.

12. Sea Girt Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

If you want to live like a local during your vacation in New Jersey Beach, Sea Girl is a place. Measurement of about one-mile square, this small local staple is best visited during the week when it is particularly quiet. It is a family favourite at any time – you will not have to fight over it, and they do not have to tempt children from the sand through a loud ride of the amusement park and other attractions found on the beaches on the bus.

Lies to the south of Belmar Beach, you’ll find a guest house, which is ideal for a walk and a scenic walk, and the pavilion offers easy eat the tariff with which it is best to use the beach. Boardwalk runs from a charming lighthouse Guit Sea on the southern end of the city.

Rescuers are on weekends on weekends starting from the weekend Day Memorial. Starting from June 19, they will be unprotected on September 6 on the service full-time. A Beach badge is required when visiting the weekend from May 29 to June 13 and on the week from June 19 to September 6.

Because this city has been incorporated around the breakthrough, many historical places and a museum are available for these steps more than the day on the beach.

Remember to ask one of the local favourite places to eat. They can indicate you to Parker’s home, always a good bet. Sea Guit Lodge has an excellent reputation and location. A special stay in a set with a spoiler, look at the porch and animal-friendly guest house, Bacteria.

13. Atlantic City Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey
Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

If you are looking for a peaceful place to absorb a peaceful landscape, Atlantic City Beach is not for you. If you like the adventure of people watching full activities on the beach, hallelujah, you found the perfect place.

Along part of the Atlantic City sand fronts, the most famous city and the largest on the Jersey coast. Eastern response to the coast on Las Vegas, Atlantic City has all the emotions you need from the city. We are talking about attractions, tasty restaurants, long securities, a cult lighthouse, casi nos, stores, and hotels. It is not surprising that every year more than 20 million visitors apply for this fun area.

Atlantic City Beach carries a bustling and full city atmosphere on its expenditure, offering many options to enjoy water sports, play volleyball, fish (jetties “in Maine Avenue or next to the sea) or have a sand picnic. He said some activities are only allowed in specific sections. For example, Kayak and Windsurf are only allowed on Jackson Avenue.

Surfing in Crystal Beach (New Hampshire Ave), Downtown Beach (in Raleigh Avenue) and Delaware Avenue Beach. Rental of tools and lessons are also available in these places.

Rescuers serve from 10 am to 18:00 throughout the summer. You can find them from July 1, the day of work, in the beach section, including Caspian Avenue to Jackson Ave. Some beach areas are protected against falling to July 1, and others extend the rescuer season from workday until September 30. More good news: access to the beach is free!

14. Stone Harbor Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

The stone port is ideal for people looking for a relaxed holiday on the shore. This beautiful city has virgin beaches and a cobblestone street full of unique boutiques, and a unique restaurant. You will not find a promenade full of tourists here, only families looking for time quality on the beach (remember to take the required beach marker).

After a day on the beach, look at the Institute of Wetlands for more information about the ecosystem on Costa de Jersey, visit live animal animals and get a panoramic view of the beach from the observation tower.

Lark Motel accommodation is a family-run hotel on a block of beautiful Puerto Puerto Beach. If you prefer luxury property, the cane in Shelter Haven is an excellent option.

15. Seabright Municipal Beach

Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey
Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

Sea clear is more for a traveller on the edge of your hand and a couple looking at relaxing. Offering seven free public access points, the city is known for private beach clubs and five-star gastronomic experience.

The most popular beach in the area has a sea beach. It has a spacious parking lot and beautiful views, as well as rescuers and facilities. The nearest Beach, Anchorage, also uses rescuers. Both require beach badges.

Although enjoying peace, make sure you stop and enjoy the Italian meal at the Anjelica restaurant, without the best Italian food on the Jervey coast or go to the yoga studio or in the nearby Spa.

The bright sea is also one of the easiest shorelines of dogs, so remember to take your four-legged friends.

Frequently Asked Questions: Top-Rated Beaches in New Jersey

What is the most expensive beach town in New Jersey?

Located in southern Monmouth County, Sea Girt tops the list of rich beach towns in New Jersey. This small community of about 2,000 boasts beautiful seaside estates at a median sales price of $2.4 million.

What is the least crowded beach in NJ?

Named one of the least crowded beaches in NJ by USA Today, Pearl Beach is located at the southernmost tip of NJ in Cape May. You won’t find a boardwalk or any concessions here, but there are plenty of butterflies, birds, dragonflies, and little-bitty crabs in the sand.

Does New Jersey have nice beaches?

Fronted by nearly 130 miles of pristine coastline, New Jersey is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the North East. With 44 beaches spanning the coast from Cape May (south) to Sandy Hook (north), the Garden State could have easily been called the Beaches State.

Can you swim in New Jersey beaches?

Fortunately, New Jersey does have five guarded ocean beaches that serve the public free of charge. And conveniently, they’re all located in the traditionally Philly-favored beach towns strung between Atlantic City and Cape May. So here are a few spots where can you catch a free, and safe, ocean swim at the Shore.

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