Best Time To Visit London: Weather Temperature & Season 2024

Best Time To Visit London, Weather, Temperature & Season

Indeed you are already aware that London is a stormy and quite grey city. Travel in the season you travel, you must be prepared for some rainy day to happen to you: we cannot do anything against the whims of nature.

However, despite its arbitrary climate, it is a destination with a lot of character and where the rain does not become an impediment to enjoying exciting walks. 

In addition, as the sun does not show itself so often, when it does, joy and good humor invade the streets, and perceiving that as a tourist is a truly overwhelming experience.

London’s weather is highly changeable; On the same day, you can have some rain, sun and cold, which take turns as if it were a joke in bad taste. The inhabitants of London say that there are days when you can live the year’s four seasons in 24 hours. However, as soon as you spend a few days there, you will get used to it, and we are sure that this climatic instability will not affect the smooth running of your vacation.

When it comes to temperature, it is usually mild without many ups and downs. Although snowy days are regular in winter (when it can even snow), and in summer, on some sweltering days, in general, the climate is usually somewhat stable.

One thing that is very important to take into account is the wind. In London, the wind is expected, so if you are a person sensitive to blizzards, we recommend bringing some clothing that protects you from the wind. We will tell you more about what clothes to wear during a trip to London here.

Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London


Spring can be a fabulous time to travel to London. The temperatures rise, and the city is surrounded by a delightful, cool, and dry climate. However, unpredictable showers are standard, so if you travel at this time, you should not trust how the day looks from your window and always carry an umbrella with you.

The ideal months of spring to travel to London are from mid-April to June, in which, in addition to the mild climate, you can enjoy some festivities that dress the streets with joy, such as April Fools’ Day and Easter Monday. Are you going to take an Easter getaway to London? Here you have more information.

The average temperature in London [March – April – May]

I’ve prepared a table of the average temperatures (maximum and minimum) at London in March, April and May for you:

MonthAverage High (°C)Average Low (°C)


Summer is undoubtedly the best time to travel to London because it has the most stable climate. London summer is warm but not excessively warm, and although it tends to have some rainy days, these are very occasional. In addition, Orange Day and other exciting festivities take place at this time.

The last week of June and the first of July are ideal for visiting London in summer, later on, you may find a better climate. However, the number of tourists you will find in the city and queuing to enjoy the attractions will perhaps be overwhelming.

Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

The average temperature in London [June – July – August]

I’ve prepared a table of the average temperatures (maximum and minimum) at London in June, July and August for you:

MonthAverage High (°C)Average Low (°C)

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Although it is not the most popular time to travel to London, if you are lucky, you may have some beautiful days to walk, and as there are not many tourists yet, you will be able to appreciate the city better. However, the climate is quite unpleasant because storms and sudden temperature changes are widespread.

If you decide to travel to London in autumn, we recommend the first weeks of September, because you will probably have warmer days than in the weeks surrounding winter. October, however, can be another ideal month, because you can enjoy two trendy parties in England:

 “Halloween” and “Guy Fawkes Night”. It should be added that it is straightforward to find cheap air flights during the fall and winter.

Best Time To Visit London

The average temperature in London [September – October – November]

I’ve prepared a table of the average temperatures (maximum and minimum) at London in September, October and November for you:

MonthAverage High (°C)Average Low (°C)


Winter is the coldest season in England, and snowfalls and cloudy and rainy days are frequent. It does not seem like the ideal time to plan your holidays in London, although it has an advantage: there are few tourists. So, if you are a person who is not afraid of cold and water, then it may be your best time to travel.

The ideal weeks to plan your trip to London in winter are the last of March because the weather is usually more stable and sunny days almost spring are frequent. Anyway, December and February are also interesting dates, because you can enjoy Christmas and Valentine’s Day in a dream destination.

Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

The average temperature in London [December – January – February]

I’ve prepared a table of the average temperatures (maximum and minimum) at London in December, January and February for you:

MonthAverage High (°C)Average Low (°C)


Depending on your tastes and how much the temperatures affect you to enjoy your trips, you should choose your trip to London in one season or another. From our point of view, the ideal time to visit is in spring and summer because it is more likely that you will have sunny days, and you will be able to have a fabulous experience.

You should know that extreme temperatures are not ordinary in London and, apart from winter, it can be a good destination for different times of the year. The London summer is undoubtedly a luxury for us, accustomed to the Mediterranean climate. The hottest months, which like here are July and August, the average temperature is around 17 degrees, which is tempting.

London Travel Seasons

Peak season (May to mid-September, December): London has the most tourists in late spring and summer when the weather is warm, and children are not attending school and during peak shopping and December seasonal activities. Expect long airlines, booked hotels, and the highest airline prices during these periods: book flights, show tickets, and hotel and dinner reservations well in advance.

Mid-season (mid-September to November, March to April): London’s mild spring and fall weather attracts many tourists, although the city is not as crowded as in summer. Hotel and theater reservations are easier to come by, and flight prices are in a reasonable range. The weather can be very changeable these days, so pack some clothes and an umbrella.

Low season (January and February): Cool temperatures and heavy rains are expected in these months, and a significant decrease in tourist traffic. Those who are not bothered by the damp and cold can find great deals on airline tickets and hotel prices in the low season and will be rewarded with fewer crowds and queues: Pack warm clothes and an umbrella.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit London?

The most affordable time to visit London will almost always be the winter months of January and February, as the holiday season is over and there’s not a whole lot going on. Hotels in London are almost always busy, so there usually isn’t a season in which you can expect much better prices on your hotel room

If you want to take the opportunity to travel to London, the post-holiday period (January and February) is a good choice. The cold and (sometimes) rainy weather scares some crowds, as does the fact that many people have spent all their money on the holiday season and have a better time at home.

All this translates into greater availability of hotels and attractive price offers. Honestly, London is never an economic paradise; however, you will get some savings if you travel outside of peak season.

To See London’s Attractions and Landmarks

To get the best out of London’s attractions and sights, I recommend visiting late spring or early summer (May to June).

This is London, so the weather is erratic and quite unpredictable (not all of us!), But in these months, you have a good chance of finding gold with a bit of sun.

It is also less humid at this time of year, which means that a long walk and enjoying the views is perfectly doable. Also, if you plan to visit attractions like Buckingham Palace or Hampton Court, I think the gardens are more beautiful in spring.

Is there a Rainy Season in London? 

Yes. And it lasts from January to December. LMAO. Well, I’m kidding here. Honestly, London is not famous for endless summer; no, dry and grizzly is our business. It would be extraordinary if London went over a month without rain.

I recommend acting like a real Londoner and enjoying the capital regardless of the weather. If you are trying to maximize the sun and minimize the drizzle, May, June, July, and August are your best choices. However, some would say it is the worst time to visit London because of the crowds. It is up to you.

On the other hand, February is the worst weather in London. Gray skies and low temperatures abound, with a few raindrops for good measure. However, we don’t let that stop us, and neither should you. Bottom line: bring a brolly (umbrella) with you every time you visit London.

How expensive is London to visit?

London can be an expensive city to visit, but there are ways to save money. Here’s a breakdown of the costs you can expect:

Accommodation: This is your biggest expense. Hotels can range from budget-friendly hostels to luxury suites, so the price will vary depending on your preferences. Here’s a general guide:

  • Hostel dorm bed: £20-£30 per night
  • Budget hotel room: £50-£80 per night
  • Mid-range hotel room: £100-£150 per night
  • Luxury hotel room: £200+ per night

Food: Eating out can be expensive, but there are also plenty of affordable options. Here are some ideas:

  • Pub lunch: £10-£15
  • Restaurant meal: £20-£30
  • Fast food: £5-£10
  • Supermarket groceries: £20-£30 per week for cooking your own meals

Transportation: London has a great public transportation system, but it can be expensive if you use it frequently. Consider getting an Oyster Card for discounted fares. Here are some estimated costs:

  • Single bus ticket: £1.50
  • Tube fare: £2.40-£6.00 depending on distance
  • Oyster Card daily cap: £7.70

Exact transportation price will depend on how much distance you travel.

Attractions: Many attractions have entrance fees, which can range from a few pounds to over £20. Some museums and galleries have free admission days or evenings. Here are some examples:

  • Tower of London: £28.50
  • Buckingham Palace: £32.00
  • British Museum: Free
  • National Gallery: Free

Other expenses: You’ll also need to factor in the cost of things like souvenirs, drinks, and activities. Here’s a rough estimate:

  • Souvenirs: £10-£30 per day
  • Drinks: £5-£10 per day
  • Activities: £20-£50 per day

Total cost: Based on the above estimates, you can expect to spend around £100-£200 per day on your trip to London. However, this is just a guide, and your actual costs could be higher or lower depending on your spending habits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best month to visit the UK?

The best time to visit the United Kingdom is in spring (late March to early June) and autumn (September to November), when it’s usually warm and dry. You’ll see beautiful spring flowers or the leaves changing hue in autumn, and avoid the much busier summer period.

What time of year has the best weather in London?

The best time to travel to London is during the mild weather of spring (March through April) and fall (Mid-September through November). Though there will be plenty of tourists, the city tends not to be quite as cramped as in the summer, when the weather is ideal.

What is London’s rainiest month?

In the United Kingdom, annual weather averages July is the hottest month in London with an average temperature of 19°C (66°F) and the coldest is January at 5°C (41°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 7 in June. The wettest month is October with an average of 71mm of rain

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