14 Delicious Halal Thai Restaurants in London 2024

14 Delicious Halal Thai Restaurants in London 2024

If you love spicy Thai food, you’ll be glad to know that you’re about to discover all the top halal Thai restaurants in London. 

You’re in luck because this guide includes the best halal Thai in London and several halal restaurants with a beautiful view of London city. These restaurants are located in the Docklands and front of the Thames River, making them the ideal setting for a beautiful dinner date.

So today, the day after knowing about the most excellent halal brunch locations, mouthwatering halal fine dining restaurants, and halal afternoon tea, we’re starting a tour to discover the best halal Thai food in London.

You may now find everything you need to know here, whether you’re a student studying abroad in the UK, a freelancer, a digital nomad, or a family searching for your next favorite halal Thai restaurant in London to enjoy a great night out! I prepared a list of the Best Halal Thai Restaurants in London for you. So Let’s Start The Guide:

14 Delicious Halal Thai Restaurants in London + Address

1. Mango Tree Halal Thai Restaurant

One of the most well-known halal Thai restaurants in London is Mango Tree in South West London. Mango Tree offers halal dumplings, which I know can be hard to get in London, and delectable curries with a Thai influence will have your mouth watering even before you read the menu.

A very upscale halal dining environment with a somberly lighted background and a silky sitting area can be found at the Belgravia restaurant. At Mango Tree, you can find the best halal Thai food in Belgravia, one of London’s poshest neighborhoods.

Given the location and the enormous amounts of the most delicious food, we are indeed in one of the top halal Thai restaurants in London.

When the plates come out, it is easy to see why Mango Tree is a restaurant that has won awards. Crispy prawns and chicken curries, superb Thai soup, green prawn curry, and deep-fried seabass fillet are just a few of the dishes on the menu. Alcohol is offered, and all the meat is halal.

Address: 46 Grosvenor Pl, London SW1X 7EQ, United Kingdom

Opening and Closing Hours:

Sunday: 12–10 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday 12–3 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Wednesday: 12–3 PM, 6–10:30 PM
Thursday: 12-3 PM, 6-10:30 PM
Friday: 12–3 PM, 6–11 PM
Saturday: 12–3 PM, 6–11 PM

2. Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Rosa’s Thai Cafe
Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Since I initially highlighted the London Fields location in my list of the most reasonably priced halal restaurants in East London, I’ve been a regular at Rosa’s Thai Cafe. There are many locations of these great halal Thai restaurants in London, with Soho and Waterloo being the most convenient.

I’ve been to any Rosa’s Thai Cafe location is typically a mid-sized eatery. My favorite dish is the Pad Thai, and I appreciate how the ambiance and service improve all halal street food options.

It’s the ideal, a reasonably priced network of Thai restaurants that adheres to halal standards. When I yearn for anything tasty and want to avoid eating halal Japanese food or spending money on fancy halal restaurants, I typically go to Rosa’s Thai Cafe.

You can be confident that every dish will be perfectly prepared and incredibly flavorful because that is precisely what you would expect from halal Thai food in London.

You can find a Rosa’s Thai Cafe near you from this link.

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3. Bintang Halal Thai Restaurant

The Pan-Asian fusion food served at Bintang is some of the tastiest I’ve ever had, even though it’s not simply one of the best halal Thai restaurants in London. Bintang is a restaurant with elements from Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Singaporean cuisine situated on Kentish Town Road, close to Camden Town and its vibrant life.

They’re a member of the Maginhawa company, which also operates a few other halal eateries in London, like Mamasons (for Indonesian purple ice cream!) and Panadera Bakery (ideal for a halal brunch), Ramo Ramen (for that perfectly cooked-up bowl of Japanese ramen), and Guanabana (for halal brunch).

The platters that Bintang served me have always been delicious. The simple, home-cooked meal that makes you feel like you’re in the countryside. One of the first things I ever tasted was their incredible chicken katsu curry, and the crispy fish they serve is also fantastic.

Even if they aren’t served in one of London’s fully halal Thai restaurants, there are two outstanding dishes you should unquestionably try. BYOB restaurant with halal meals throughout.

Address: 93 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8NY, United Kingdom

4. Fitou’s Thai Restaurant

Once outside Central London, I looked for the most excellent halal Thai restaurant nearby and found Fitou’s. The family-run Fitou’s Thai Restaurant is one of the most excellent halal Thai restaurants in London if you’re ever in West London looking for one. It’s undoubtedly one of London’s best underestimated halal restaurants for halal Thai food.

Fitou’s Thai Restaurant takes pleasure in serving vibrant, authentic food that piques your tongue and taste senses. One of the most intriguing halal Thai restaurants in London serves Thai food with Malaysian influences.

For those who have opted to visit Portobello Market once a week, they are very nearby, but the most of their mains still cost less than £10, making them very reasonable for a low-key date with your significant other.

The menu has nasi goreng, a mainstay of Malaysian cuisine, and my personal favorite, satay chicken skewers and larb Thai salad. The best part is that it may be one of London’s most reasonably priced Thai restaurants that serve halal food. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free choices.

Address: 1-3 Dalgarno Gardens, London W10 5LL, United Kingdom

5. Banana Tree Thai Restaurant London

Banana Tree Thai Restaurant London
Banana Tree Thai Restaurant London

Banana Tree’s entirely halal menu is ideal for those seeking delectable halal Thai restaurants in London. The fact that they have a few locations throughout London makes trying their fantastic Thai cuisine even simpler.

Whether you’re looking for Thai halal restaurants in Soho, Islington, or West Hampstead, trust me when I say that their selection is among London’s most excellent halal restaurants.

The Banana Tree’s menu features stir-fries and curries, but if you’re seeking halal duck in London, they also have several delectable duck dishes to offer fans of Thai cuisine. Since Banana Tree is so close to the Covent Garden restaurant, I could have added it to my list of the top halal eateries in Covent Garden.

It’s not one of London’s fully halal Thai restaurants, and like many other Asian eateries, it has a sizable Pan-Asian selection. Banana Tree offers a variety of cuisines, including halal Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, and Singaporean.

In addition to the fact that all the meat is halal, many dishes are vegetable-based. As a gesture for the environment, Banana Tree encourages customers to occasionally skip meat. A drink is provided.

Address: Find a Banana Tree Thai Restaurant near you from it’s official website.

6. ThaiSpice London

Of all the Thai halal restaurants in London I’m highlighting today, ThaiSpice in East London has some of the tastiest food. ThaiSpice, a restaurant with exclusively halal meat on the menu, is situated in Hackney, a vibrant and artistic area of London. The top Thai restaurant in London that is halal? Probably.

You may discover real halal Thai food there, and the daily preparation of both traditional and contemporary dishes is greatly enhanced by using fresh ingredients. ThaiSpice provides a few choices that are each better than the last one if you’re ever looking for a halal steakhouse in London. Fried fish, prawn crackers, Khao pad, Pad Thai, chicken curries… ThaiSpice has everything and more to offer.

ThaiSpice has a charming roof garden decorated with tiny small lights, making it one of London’s most undervalued and hidden halal rooftop restaurants. The halal Thai restaurant checks all the boxes for a celebration, an anniversary, or a marriage proposal. BYOB establishments.

Address: 292 Hackney Rd, London E2 7SJ, United Kingdom

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7. Nakhon Thai

Nakhon Thai
Nakhon Thai

I’ve written about the most excellent halal rooftops in London, but we also have Nakhon Thai in Greenwich if you’re ever looking for halal eateries with a view. There are a few halal Thai eateries in London around Greenwich. Thus Nakhon Thai is almost required to be listed in this directory.

You have a stunning outdoor dining establishment serving homey, fresh food. Nakhon Thai on the Royal Docks serves some of London’s best halal ducks, making it ideal for a casual date or a formal event.

Satay chicken, gorgeous curries, and halal dumplings are also offered; the entire menu is halal. Go there if you’re looking for the most romantic halal restaurants in London.

I spent some time in Greenwich before moving to North London, and I remember how much I enjoyed seeing the sunset over Canary Wharf, which is only a short distance from Cutty Sark. beverage served.

Address: 1 Dock Rd, London E16 1AH, United Kingdom, you can also call +44 20 7474 5510 to confirm their hours

8. Patara Thai Restaurant Soho

Patara has that halal-friendly dining atmosphere that I adore just as much as anyone else, but without the price tag. You can purchase a fantastic lunch set menu for only sixteen pounds, encouraging you to travel before you finish your meal.

This establishment, on Greek Street, is ideal for anyone who has yet to find halal restaurants in Soho or close to Chinatown.

One of London’s most upscale halal Thai restaurants, Patara, has locations around the city. They can be found in Knightsbridge, North London’s Hampstead, Oxford Circus, and even Wimbledon. That is simply some of the finest halal street cuisine available in London, raised to acceptable dining levels.

An excellent Pad Thai, halal dumplings, spring rolls, green curry, and prawn and chicken skewers are just a few dishes that showcase Patara’s delectable expertise in halal Thai cuisine.

If you’re ever looking for romantic Thai halal restaurants in London around Soho, I highly recommend you try that place because the atmosphere is stunning. Alcohol is available, and all chicken is halal.

Address: 15 Greek St, London W1D 4DP, United Kingdom

9. Thai n Pie

If you’re looking for an HMC halal restaurant, Thai n Pie, located in East London, is arguably one of the top Thai restaurants in London. The Mile End Road restaurant offers a combination of Thai and English fare in a posh halal atmosphere.

One thing is sure: that’s one of London’s most creative Thai halal restaurants. Thai n Pie offers something unique with its pies that have a Thai flavor. It’s casual yet elegant, making it ideal for a romantic lunch date with your significant other and a group outing to a restaurant known for its outrageously delicious cuisine.

The best halal steak in London can always be found at Thai n Pie. There isn’t a halal buffet here because, despite the relaxed atmosphere, you’ll want to dress up. You’ll spend this mid-range budget at Thai n Pie in terms of bills. And it merits every dollar and every bit of attention.

At Thai n Pie, you may find halal dumplings, delectable Thai curries, and spicy Pad Thai. The food is literally out of this world, authentic, and tasty just the way we like it, as I mentioned in my guide to cheap halal eateries in East London.

Address: 45 Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4TT, United Kingdom

10. Siam Central

Siam Central Halal Thai Restaurant
Siam Central Halal Thai Restaurant

Siam Central is an excellent option if you’re searching for a quiet setting for that romantic midweek date with your significant other. It’s undoubtedly one of London’s most straightforward halal Thai restaurants, and it’s in West London. Eating out is getting increasingly expensive, so having a cheap halal restaurant in West London is lovely.

The only meat served at Siam Central that is halal is chicken, prepared in visibly tasty dishes. Even though the restaurant does not have an entirely halal menu, you’ll realize that entering was a wise decision after trying their chicken and vegetable meals.

Especially considering how reasonably priced the meal is—just over a tenner. When dining at Siam Central, you can be sure to sample some of the most excellent halal Thai food in London thanks to the extensive menu. A drink is provided.

Address: 14 Charlotte St., London W1T 2LX, United Kingdom

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11. Mama Thai Home Cooking

Mama Thai Home Cooking is one of the best options if you’re seeking real halal Thai food in London. There are many halal Thai restaurants in London, that much is accurate, and many of the places I’ve already highlighted in this essay serve some of the most excellent halal pad thai.

However, Thai food has this thing where family recipes are significant, much like any authentic ethnic restaurant. And I guarantee that Mama Thai Home Cooking’s 100% halal Thai food will enchant your eyes and taste sensations. On the menu, you’ll find mouthwatering rice and noodles meals created with halal meat and the best Thai spice blends.

The South East London restaurant Mama Thai Home Cooking does not serve alcohol, but it does have a BYOB policy, so keep that in mind before making a reservation. The excellent halal Thai restaurant in London has a wide variety of mouthwatering tofu dishes, and all of the meat is halal.

Address: 235 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RL England

12. Spicy Basil Halal Thai Restaurant

Spicy Basil in Kilburn is one of those hidden gems if you’re looking for a low-key, midweek treat for a romantic date in London. The location is quite traditional, unpretentious, and simple to attend without considering, “Do I need to dress up?”

You may have yet to see the decor or the slightly hurried mood at other halal Thai restaurants in London, but Spicy Basil serves some of the most incredible Thai halal food in the area. The most important thing is fantastic Thai food that is not expensive.

You may sample some of the most delicious and authentic halal Thai food you’ve ever had for a little over ten pounds. The curries should be tried, in particular.

Whether you select prawns, chicken Satay, or beef, all of the food at Spicy Basil is halal, and neither pork nor alcohol is offered on the menu. They also come with their serving of rice. A modest eatery that serves some of the most incredible Thai halal food in London will, all in all, fill you up.

Address: 165 Kilburn High Rd, North Maida Vale, London NW6 7HY, United Kingdom

13. Tiger Lily Thai Restaurant

Tiger Lily Halal Thai Restaurant
Tiger Lily Halal Thai Restaurant

Compared to other halal Thai restaurants I’m listing in this guide, Tiger Lily may be farther from Central London, but the trip is worth it. At Tiger Lily, all the meat is halal, and you can eat lamb, duck, beef, and chicken that has been procured from butchers certified halal.

Tiger Lily offers several relatively reasonable set menus that range in price from £22 to £35 per head, oscillating between halal Thai fine dining and simple foods. The menu proudly displays Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai, grilled sea bass fillet, fried chicken, and a variety of delectable halal Thai curries.

When looking for authentic Thai halal ducks in London and fantastic chicken curries, it’s nice to know that most Thai cooks also received their culinary education in Thailand. Tiger Lily does serve alcohol, all meat is halal, and no pork is provided.

Address: 169 Thornbury Rd, Osterley, Isleworth TW7 4QG, United Kingdom

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14. Kinkao Thai Restaurant in London

Kinkao Thai is the last restaurant listed among London’s top halal Thai eateries. Ah, this is one of London’s best-value halal Thai restaurants. To begin with, one of the most excellent halal restaurants in London with a view is Kinkao Thai. Here, there is no rooftop, only a clear view of the Thames.

When you start reading the menu at Kinkao Thai, your tastebuds will begin to dance. Kinkao Thai is the place to go if you’re ever near Cutty Sark and Greenwich and looking for a fantastic halal Thai restaurant.

The ideal appetizer is an incredible Pad Thai, mouthwatering Thai curries, and fish cakes. One of London’s top halal Thai restaurants for those looking to unwind over lunch or evening.

Parking is offered, and costs are relatively affordable—especially when you’re in a kosher restaurant with an unmatched view of London. Kinkao Thai and its roast duck will satisfy those searching for a halal duck in London. Alcohol is served, and all the meat is halal.

Address: 8-42 Saint Davids Square Lockes Wharf, Westferry Rd, London E14 3WA, United Kingdom

Do these restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan Thai menu items?

Of Course, Along with halal meat dishes, you can enjoy plenty of vegetarian and vegan options like vegetable green curry, pad thai jay, tom kha mushroom soup, stir-fried morning glory, and much more at these restaurants. 

If you want to check out a specific Halal Thai restaurant’s menu, visit their official site. 

Can Thai food be halal?

The short answer to the question “is food in Thailand halal?” that many people have asked me is no. Even while not all the food in Thailand (or anywhere else, for that matter) is halal, it is still relatively simple to locate halal cuisine. It is simple to locate halal restaurants in Thailand; all you need to know is where to look.

Conclusion: Halal Thai Restaurants in London

The top halal Thai eateries in London are listed above. Wherever I look, there’s usually always a halal Thai restaurant nearby. I’m glad that Londoners can find many reasonably priced halal restaurants because halal Thai food is reasonably priced and makes for the ideal casual date or trip with friends.

You’ve undoubtedly identified many excellent halal Thai restaurants in London in this list that you’d like to try. The most excellent halal Korean BBQ in London, halal Turkish restaurants, incredible halal restaurants in Knightsbridge, and halal places to dine in Camden, London Bridge, and Leicester Square will all be covered in a later article.

I’ll also write about other locations in London and various cuisines. You currently have all you require for halal Thai food in London.

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