Mauritius Underwater Waterfall: Complete Travel Guide 2024

I recently travelled to Mauritius, and while roaming in the streets, some friendly locals recommended that I should see the Underwater Waterfall. I followed their advice and went to explore the Underwater Waterfall.

And believe me, I had never seen such a sight before. And I just kept looking at the Underwater Waterfall. Even though it is not a real waterfall, but it was still beautiful to see the white foamy water that looked like falling water. I was amazed by how real it looked.

I would also recommend you that you should definitely visit this Mauritius Underwater Waterfall once. And if you are planning to go there, then I will give complete information about there in this post today!

Like, When is the best time to visit Mauritius Underwater Waterfall, Where it is, How to reach there, Things to do, Where to stay and much more!

So let’s travel!

Why Visit Mauritius Underwater Waterfall?

You must visit Mauritius Underwater Waterfall once, because this waterfall will literally blow your mind! It looks so real, and you will feel like going inside it and enjoy too much.

And you will not see this unique view anywhere in the world except Mauritius.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons you should visit Mauritius Underwater Waterfall at least once, which are listed below in this article!

When is the Best Time to Visit the Mauritius Underwater Waterfall?

If you have decided to go to Mauritius to see the Underwater Waterfall, you should first know when will be the best time to go there.

You should visit Mauritius Underwater Waterfall between September to December, because there is dry season at this time, the sky is mostly clear and there is not much rain.

So you can enjoy a more relaxed and intimate experience of the underwater waterfall by Helicopter, I also went there in the month of November. But this is the peak season there, so crowd and prices will also be high.

If you want to avoid crowd and surge prices, and traveling on a budget then you should go there in May to early July, the ocean is calm and clean during these months.

Where is the Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius?

Where is the Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius?

This Amazing Underwater Waterfall is located on the southwestern coast of Mauritius, near Le Morne village.

So now let’s know How to reach the underwater waterfall of Mauritius!

How to reach the Mauritius underwater waterfall?

To see the underwater waterfall, first of all you have to reach Mauritius, which you can come by flight. You will have to book a flight from your country to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport Mauritius.

After that, you will have to take a taxi from airport to the southwest region or to the Le Morne area, underwater waterfall is very close from this area.

But underwater waterfall will not be visible directly from there, you will have to do the following to watch it:

How to watch the Mauritius Underwater Waterfall?

You will not be able to see the Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius directly from the road or from the beach, there are 2 ways to watch it:

1. Hike on Le Morne Brabant

A view of Le Morne Brabant peak

You can only get a partial view of the Underwater Waterfall from Le Morne Brabant, it may take you up to 3-4 hours to climb Le Morne Brabant, including regular breaks.

And I would recommend you that you should hike early in the morning because it gets very hot during the day, and darkness at night can also take you in trouble.

As I told you above, you will only get a glimpse of the underwater waterfall from Le Morne Brabant. If you want to get a clear view of Underwater Waterfall, then you will have to follow the 2nd method.

2. Take a helicopter or seaplane tour

Take a helicopter or seaplane tour on Mauritius Underwater Waterfall

This is the best way to see the full effect of Mauritius underwater waterfall, you will have to take a helicopter or seaplane tour.

And I also enjoyed this unique view by flying over it by helicopter. For more information about it, click here.

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Things To Do At Underwater Waterfall Mauritius

I’ve tried many activities near Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius, but these are most exciting activities to do around Underwater waterfall:

1. Take a helicopter tour

Helicopter tour is a must-do thing at the Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius, you will be able to get a bird’s-eye view of the waterfall through helicopter and you will not believe your eyes after seeing it.

You can easily book a helicopter tour from the airport of Mauritius, the duration of the helicopter tour I took in Mauritius was about 40 minutes.

And while coming from the airport towards the Underwater waterfall, I also got to see these attractions:

  • Mountains Silhouettes
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • A Beautiful View of Mauritius and much more

The cost of a helicopter tour to Mauritius depends on your preferences, the normal rate of helicopter tour can range from $250 to $500 per person.

2. Hike Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant is located on the southwest tip of Mauritius, you will be able to get a partial view of the underwater waterfall after hiking here and you will also get a beautiful view of the entire area.

When you climb to the top of this mountain, the view there will be memorable for you. I have also shared an image in the above section in which you can see what a beautiful view you will get after climbing Le Morne Brabant.

I had first taken a helicopter tour to see the waterfall, but after that, I climbed this mountain with my friends for some nature photography and adventure, we really all enjoyed a lot there.

3. Relax on the beach

Le Morne Beach is the closest beach to Underwater Waterfall, which is the most beautiful beach of Mauritius, you should relax there.

Le Morne Beach has crystal clear water, white sand as well as beautiful palm trees, apart from enjoying the view, you can also go swimming there.

It is located just below Le Morne Brabant, if you feel hungry while enjoying, you can also buy local food from the beach stalls there.

And if you like adventure, then you can also do kitesurfing and windsurfing there.

4. Explore the Black River Gorges National Park

View of Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius

If you are a nature lover then you must visit the Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius, it is only 12 miles away from the Underwater Waterfall.

In Black River Gorges National Park, you can go hiking, see wildlife, see different types of trees and flowers and see waterfalls. And apart from these, there are many other things to do there.

I also swam in the waterfalls inside it! So don’t forget to put Black River Gorges National park in your bucket list…

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5. See the Seven Colored Earths of Chamarel

Exciting view of Seven Colored Earths of Chamarel

Seven Colored Earths of Chamarel is a wonder located in the Chamarel Plain of Mauritius, just
11 miles away from the Underwater Waterfall.

This is an exciting tourist destination just like the underwater waterfall, it is a small place which has sand dunes of seven different colors (Red, brown, green, blue, purple, yellow and violet). Which looks absolutely beautiful.

I have shared its picture in this section, you can see how Chamarel Seven Colored Earth looks.

When I researched about it, I found that this colorful landscape was formed by the decomposition of volcanic rock which was later transferred into clay minerals.

A special thing about these colored sands is that they remain separated, even after heavy rains.

Where to Stay for Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius?

Here are some best and luxury places to stay near Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius:

1. LUX Le Morne

This is a 5-star resort located on Le Morne’s lagoon-facing point, and it is the best place where you can stay, this resort is located very close to the Underwater Waterfall.

In LUX Le Morne, you will get 4 swimming pools, a spa, stunning bungalows amidst tropical gardens, tasty cuisines, wines.

And if we talk about the room, you will get TV, 4-poster beds, sitting area, bathroom, bathtubs, balcony, ocean view and many other things.

My Personal Experience: My experience in this resort was unforgettable, this is a very luxury and comfortable place where you can stay.

Address: Coastal Road, Le Morne, Mauritius
Contact Number: +230 401 4000
Price: Check here

2. JW Marriott Mauritius Resort

JW Marriott Mauritius Resort

JW Marriot is also a 5-star resort, this resort is located at a short distance from LUX Le Morne, you will also get many luxury facilities in it.

They offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, balcony, terrace view, swimming pools, direct beach access and bars. Apart from these, spa, gym, kids play area are also available there.

For more information about JW Marriot Mauritius Resort, you can visit their official website.

Address: Coastal Road Le Morne Peninsula MU, Le Morne 91102, Mauritius
Contact Number: +230 403 9000
Price: Around $490 per night (check Google for today’s updated price)

Both these hotels charge quite high, if you want to stay in budget friendly hotels then you will have to ask the local people there, they know about the local hotels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Swim in Mauritius’ Underwater Waterfall?

As I told you above, Mauritius underwater waterfall is not real, it is just an illusion caused by sand and silt deposits moving along the underwater shelf. So you cannot swim inside it, but you can swim over it and can also surf, I also swam there.

Why is the Mauritius underwater waterfall famous?

The underwater waterfall of Mauritius is famous because it is a beautiful and rare natural phenomenon. It seems like a waterfall is actually flowing under the ocean, and you will not get to see this view anywhere in the whole world.

How Deep is the Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius?

This is not a real waterfall, it is just an illusion that is visible on the surface of the ocean, so it cannot be measured. But the shelf of this underwater waterfall illusion is not deeper than 150 metres below the sea level, but its drop-off falls to a depth of about 4000 meters.

Can I see dolphins in Mauritius underwater waterfall?

Yes, of course, you can see dolphins swimming around the Underwater Waterfalls of Mauritius and it is a popular activity there. When I went there to travel, I saw bottlenose and spinner dolphins there.


I enjoyed a lot in Mauritius and had my best experience at Underwater waterfall, which I shared with you in this article.

After reading this article completely, all of your doubts will be cleared about traveling to the Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius, such as when will be the best time to go there, how to reach there, how to watch the underwater waterfall, things to do there and where to stay.

I have mentioned 2 hotels near the waterfall in which you can stay, they are very close to the underwater waterfall illusion, but both of them are luxury and expensive.

If you are traveling to Mauritius on a budget, then you will have to find locally affordable hotels there.

If you still have any queries related to travel in Mauritius Underwater Waterfall, then you can ask by commenting below, I will reply you as soon as possible!

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