10 Best Things To Do in Ranthambore: Complete Guide 2023

10 Best Things To Do in Ranthambore: Complete Guide 2023

One of India’s first tiger reserves is the Ranthambore National Park. Right after Project Tiger’s debut in 1973, Ranthambore park was included. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the top things to do in Ranthambore.

We aim to cover every single aspect of planning a trip to Ranthambore in this travel guide, including what to do, how to arrange a safari, where to stay, and much more. Start by following this advice and creating an itinerary.

Firstly, we talk about How to reach Ranthambore? So Let’s Start:

How to reach Ranthambore?

The fastest method of travel to go to Ranthambore is via rail. The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur Junction, located approximately 14 kilometres away.

Several Indian towns, including Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, and Agra, have direct trains to Sawai Madhopur.

There are excellent road connections to Ranthambore National Park from the adjacent cities. It is about a 3.5-hour trip from Jaipur.

The closest airport is Jaipur International Airport. You have two options for getting to your hotel in Sawai Madhopur for the return trip: take a train from Jaipur or a cab.

Around 4,000 rupees will get you from Jaipur to Sawai Madhopur in a taxi. Train travel is more affordable than other options if you have a limited budget.

10 Best Things To Do in Ranthambore

Spot A Tiger At Ranthambore
Spot A Tiger At Ranthambore

1. Spot A Tiger

There are several tigers in Ranthambore National Park. According to an estimate by the park authorities, there could be as many as 61 tigers in the park.

However, because they rarely leave their region, most of them avoid the attention of tourists.

As a result, you can only see tigers whose territories are in the permitted regions for safari vehicles. Our guide informed us that there are about 20 tigers in these locations.

We travelled on 6 safaris throughout our 5-day stay in Ranthambore, and on 4 of them, we saw tigers.

Three tigresses, Riddhi (T-124), Noor (T-39), and one male tiger, were seen by us.

Watching the tigers of Ranthambore in their natural habitat is an experience to remember since they are genuinely unique.

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2. Admire The Wildlife’s Diversity

The park is blessed to have an incredible diversity of wildlife. There are many bird species, reptiles, and more than 40 different species of animals.

The leopard, hyena, jackal, and jungle cat are some of Ranthambore’s other predators in addition to the tiger. Hyenas are nocturnal and difficult to see.

The most frequently spotted mammals are the grey langur, chital, sambar deer, wild boar, and nilgai.

Watch Crocodiles Relaxing In The Sunlight
Watch Crocodiles Relaxing In The Sunlight

3. Watch Crocodiles Relaxing In The Sunlight

It’s common to see crocodiles in Ranthambore soaking up the early morning and late-afternoon sun.

The park’s various bodies of water provide essential habitats for mugger crocodiles. Many of them, including the hatchlings, were visible to us (baby crocodiles).

4. Watch The Birds

A fantastic variety of birds live in the park. In addition to the birds that live nearby, migratory birds often come to the park in the winter. One of the most incredible things to do in Ranthambore National Park is bird watching.

One of the best things to do in Ranthambore is birding.  Some of the birds we saw at the Ranthambore National Park include these:

Common Kingfisher, Peacock, Painted Stork, White-Throated Kingfisher, Darter, Sandpiper, Heron, and Grey Partridge (snakebird).

5. Enjoy Padam Lake’s Beautiful View

The largest lake in Ranthambore National Park is Padam Lake (Talao). This large lake catches your eye as soon as you reach zone 3.

On the lake’s banks remains the elaborately constructed Jogi Mahal. It was once a hunting lodge for the Jaipur royal family.

Birds and animals visit the area. So, most of the safari jeeps stopped beside the lake. In addition to witnessing the wildlife, you may take in the stunning scenery.

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6. Hike The Ranthambore Fort

Hike The Ranthambore Fort
Hike The Ranthambore Fort

The famous Ranthambore Fort was built in the 10th century by the Chauhan kings and is located inside the boundaries of Ranthambore National Park.

The fort is renowned for its exquisite architecture. In 2013, it and five other Rajasthani hill forts were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It has numerous temples, large gateways, domes, and water tanks. One of the most amazing things to do in Ranthambore is to hike this fort.

Ranthambore National Park may be seen in all directions from the fort. It is hidden between the hills, with the main park entrance as its access point (gate 1 to 5 safari point).

It takes around 15 minutes to reach the fort’s base by jeep. The defence is accessible from the ground by a set of stairs.

7. Visit Trinetra Ganesh Temple

Inside the Ranthambore Fort is the Trinetra Ganesh Temple. It was constructed by king Hammir Dev Chauhan more than 700 years ago.

Both locals and tourists frequent this famous temple.

Due to the idol’s three eyes, the temple’s god is known as Trinetra Ganesh (Tri means three, and Netra means eye). To get there, you must take the stairs up a hill.

Exploring Monuments At Ranthambore
Exploring Monuments At Ranthambore

8. Exploring Monuments

This city is so famous due to its ancient ruins and the rich legacy it offers visitors. Even though the National Park has distinctive flora and wildlife, many more less-travelled ancient monuments are accessible to tourists. 

You can visit numerous monuments at Ranthambore and engage in several other outstanding activities.

These are what they are:

  • The Aravalli ranges’ foothills are where Nahargarh Ranthambore is located.
  • The oldest temple in Rajasthan is Trinethra Temple, which also houses the Lord Ganesh Shrine. Jogi Mahal is another location with serene landscapes that may be explored and appreciated.
  • An interesting sight in this city is the Raj Bagh ruins.
  • The Raj Bagh ruins offer incredible opportunities for photography.
  • One outstanding example of spectacular construction is Ranthambore Fort.
  • This is a magnificent castle from which to observe the city’s tigers.

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9. Kachida Valley

With bears and panthers roaming the area, the terrain is incredibly stunning. This area, which is on the boundaries of the National Park, is essential to see. This location in the city makes for a unique visit because of the surrounding lush flora and low, angular hills.

The wildlife and flora in this valley are diverse. Even tigers and wild boars can be seen in this valley. Animals frequently use these hills and the surrounding rocky terrain as foraging grounds. The leopards avoid the centre of the area while the tigers rule.

To have a thrilling and wonderful experience, rent a jeep and explore this fascinating area with wildlife. Every admirer of animals should make a must-trip to this location because of its stunning scenery. One of the top things to do in Ranthambore is this.

10. Lakarda and Anantpura

Lakarda and Anantpura
Lakarda and Anantpura

North and northwest of Ranthambore, however, are the lovely cities of Lakarda and Anantpura, where you can see some incredible wildlife. These two locations are yet another top destination for adventure and excitement seekers.

The Indian Striped Hyenas are a famous animal in this area. They are crafty, vicious, and undoubtedly not the friendliest animals.

Due to the ideal climatic conditions, tourists can also see sloth bears living in or hibernating in these places, depending on their time of visit.

Safari Zones In Ranthambore

There are ten safari zones in Ranthambore National Park.

Zones 1 through 5 share an entrance; however, each zone has its path. The finest places to see tigers are in these five areas. However, each location features stunning scenery and many faunas.

Zones 2 and 3 have several bodies of water. Tigers are so frequently seen in these places close to water holes. Zones 6 through 10 were eventually built to help with the increased visitor volume.

Zones 1 and 6 are close by, although they have different access points. The distance from the main entrance to Zone 9 is the greatest, at about 45 kilometres.

Pro Tips:

  1. When ordering your safari permit, begin with zones 1 to 5.
  2. Whether you’re unsuccessful there, try zones 6 to 7.
  3. Try zones 8 to 10 if zones 1 to 7 are fully booked.

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What Is The Cost Of A Safari In Ranthambore?

There are two different kinds of cars: the 20-seat canter and the 6-seater jeep.

Cost of a safari for Indian & Foreigner citizens (as of January 2023)

Jeep For Indians: ₹1,800 per individual. The guiding cost is included in this.
Jeep For Foreigners: ₹3,700 per individual.

Canter For Indians: Between 1,200 and 1,300 Rupees per person.
Canter For Foreigners: ₹2,700 per individual.

Foreign nationals pay nearly twice as much in fees.

The park also has Half Day and Full Day safari choices in addition to these. Safari jeeps are permitted to drive freely between zones despite being very pricey.


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