14 Best Restaurants In Boca Raton, Florida You Must Try In 2022

14 Best Restaurants In Boca Raton, Florida You Must Try In 2022

Are you looking for something delicious to eat in Boca Raton restaurants? We have all the best restaurants in Boca Raton on offer, so your taste buds won’t be missed.

Whether you’re going on an entertaining trip with friends, to the city for work, or to stay with your family, escape to Boca Raton, the paradise city of South East Florida.

It is known for its vast green bay fields, beautiful Atlantic beaches, and amazing parks all over the city. It is a land of great hotels, art, and world-class shopping. No wonder you can find amazingly delicious food in the heart of the town.

Finding good places in the area is difficult when you are a newbie. That’s why we’ve found the best restaurants in Boca Raton you must try.

You will find out which delicious pizza you need to sink your teeth into in our list of favourites. You’ll find great lunch spots with juicy burgers that pile up so high you don’t know where to start.

Discover a lobster so large you have to serve it in a flying radio car or bite into masterfully crafted sushi. Sip on the best wine lists and slice them into a delicate slice of certified Angus beef from one of our favourite Boca Raton restaurants.

Whatever the occasion, your palate will thank you for trying the great food in Boca. So get in the car, get off the map and make the next destination delicious!

1. Tucci’s Pizza

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton
Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

For a Boca Raton pizzeria that will captivate your taste buds, go to Tucci’s Pizza. The difference at Tucci’s Pizza is their true passion for tasty pizzas and wood fire grilling. True Italian roots are at the heart of the inspiration behind every cheesy bite, which is why our taste buds give this place the seal of approval.

At Boca Raton’s Tucci’s Pizza restaurants, there are no frills. It’s a cozy little restaurant with an open kitchen that sends the smell of freshly kneaded dough straight to your table. Watch your Pizza baked in the wood-fired oven right before your eyes.

See the years of passion and dedicated service from the Tucci staff, many of whom have been serving Tucci pizza since the first oven flame was lit. Make your Pizza from a list of fresh ingredients or try a one-of-a-kind creation from the “Pizza Your Way” pie menu.

As two of the most popular items on the menu, you’ll see why Tony G and Spicy BBQ Wings can’t go unordered. The Tony G has spiced Italian meatballs, fluffy ricotta cheese, and caramelized sweet onions.

The wings will blow you away with their slightly crispy wings topped with barbecue glaze. Order a Funky Buddha, a Florida-made Hefeweizen to go with it, or choose from their selection of craft beers. Tucci’s Pizza is located at 50 NE 1st Ave in Boca Raton.

2. City Fish Market Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

If you are looking for a relaxing oceanfront dinner at one of Boca Raton’s best restaurants, enter the coordinates to find the City Fish Market. This casual yet luxurious setting is an oasis for a well-prepared seafood meal with a beautiful panoramic view of an unspoiled lake.

You will feel comfortable in the pleasant and comfortable neighbourhood environment. Live music every evening makes us want to come back to it. City Fish Market is the perfect Boca Raton restaurant for any occasion.

For starters, try the spicy, sweet Poloma. This signature cocktail will surprise you with spicy El Jimador tequila, perfectly balanced with East Imperial grapefruit soda, jalapeño syrup and a hint of pink Himalayan salt. Dip a rich buttery herb sauce baked in a lightly breaded Bluepoint Oysters Rockefeller as it pairs incredibly well with this smoothie.

Try the Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes for lunch, which cost a hefty quarter of a pound apiece. Served with whipped potatoes with chives, green beans, buerre blanc mustard, and crab cookies will make you melt with every spicy bite.

The variety of fish options makes this place a great opportunity for picky gourmets. Choose from local catches such as the Atlantic dorado and swordfish, or try wild halibut for dinner. The town fish market can be found in Boca Raton at 7940 Glades Road.

3. Bluefin Sushi

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton
Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

If you’ve been dreaming of the best places to eat in Boca Raton serving some otherworldly sushi, look no further than Bluefin Sushi. Only the best Thai dishes and Japanese sushi are done here. The satisfaction of the taste buds in Boca is what Bluefin has been fond of for over 14 years. This is why they have won a place as one of the best restaurants in Boca Raton for their high-quality sushi and authentic Thai.

Made from scratch, the heart and love of this kitchen taste in every bite. Experienced chefs share their skills and craftsmanship, creating a menu that will satisfy every palate.

The lobster bomb is the staple of this menu, and anyone who walks in the door should try it. It’s big enough to share, but you don’t want to. Instead, with a delicious bite, you’ll dream of this specialty until you have it again. Is bliss a curse? We don’t believe it.

Perfect for any date, casual lunch, or workplace meeting point, Bluefin has a laid-back feel. The wooden accents throughout the restaurant contrast with the flowing curtains and beautiful large windows. This place, filled with soft light and smiling staff, comes to life.

Discover the difference at this Boca Raton restaurant at 861 Northwest 51st Street.

4. Lemongrass Asian Bistro

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

For delicious, beautifully presented Asian cuisine, book your reservation at Lemongrass Asian Bistro. As one of the best restaurants in Boca for its unforgettable flavours and innovative Asian cuisine, you won’t want to miss this amazing place.

The atmosphere at Lemongrass Asian Bistro is relaxing and energizing at the same time. Like the high-quality fresh food they serve, the atmosphere created here fills you with calm energy as you renew your spirit. The clean, white décor and sleek, modern décor add to the relaxing atmosphere from these delicious Boca Raton restaurants.

Try a charred edamame wok seasoned with garlic salt. Go to the Salmon Poke Bowl for something light and delicious, or the Duck Curry for strong, rich flavours.

Lemongrass serves unique desserts that you won’t find in other Boca Raton restaurants. Discover matcha tiramisu and Thai chiffon cake with tea cream, and both are so good you’ll want two! Lemongrass is located at 101 Plaza Real South.

5. Kanpai

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton
Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Boca Raton with a floating sushi bar, look no further than Kanpai. As one of the best rotating sushi bars in Boca Raton, you can find the right sushi at your table in the heart of Boca Raton. Just remember to grab the delicious-looking sushi plate quickly before another hungry customer picks it up!

Kanpai has years of delicious experience in the art of sushi making. You will love Kanpai. Kanpai steals the scene from its competitors by being the first Japanese barbecue restaurant in South Florida in Boca.

Choose a place between a modern yet elegant atmosphere, depending on what your stomach is hungry for. Sit next to the talented barista to watch special cocktails being prepared, or sit on the patio for a Japanese barbecue. Sit closer to the floating sushi bar for the best fun!

Start your Kanpai adventure by dipping seasonal avocado fries in their spicy mayonnaise sauce, or start with an Osaka tuna roll. Try Bulgogi for main courses, served with perfectly marinated, shaved Korean ribs, onions, and chives. Find your happy ending by ending your meal with an order of green tea mochi ice cream that has a soft layer of rice on the outside and melted sweet ice cream on the inside.

Plan a visit to the Kanpai restaurants in Boca Raton at 20 North Federal Hwy.

6. New York Prime

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

If you’re looking for dining options in Boca Raton for a suit and tie dinner, make a reservation with New York Prime. Only expect the best of New York Prime, as it has been voted “best steak” in the city by the Boca Raton Hall of Fame.

Above all, this luxurious dining room offers fast and first-class service with highly qualified staff. The elegant atmosphere of the dinner club exudes even the smallest details, such as the extensive and well-informed wine lists that have been at the top of the “best” lists for over 20 years! So drink something special while they prepare an amazing dish for it.

Specializing in the highest quality USDA beef, they are sure to cook the perfect steak. Are you not a fan of red meat? No problem. New York Prime also offers delicious, freshly prepared seafood dishes. The seafood portions will surely surprise you with their colossal size. If you order Big Red, you will see a large lobster that will be brought to your table by a flying car via radio.

So dress for nine and enjoy New York Prime restaurants in Boca Raton. If you’re planning on celebrating a special occasion at New York Prime, check out our list of wildly romantic honeymoon resorts in Florida. It will surely make this trip even more special, and you will be glad you did.

7. Tucker Dukes

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton
Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Boca Raton for lunch, stop at Tucker Dukes. At this popular informal lunch spot, you’ll find amazing burgers stacked so high you won’t know which angle to start from. You will be impressed with this hamburger skyscraper. Piled so high and filled with unspeakable kindness, you’ll know the legendary name of Tucker Duke burgers in just one bite!

The difference is that you can taste and see. Fresh and seasonal local ingredients are at the heart of every burger. That’s probably why the local chefs are passionate about winning burgers.

Everyone’s palate can agree that the award-winning burgers that are served make it one of the best food in Boca. Come for Marmaduke, who won the 2017 Sobe Food and Wine Festival burger battle. Fall in love with Marmaduke’s melted brie cheese with stone-fruit bacon and fresh arugula, all topped with a special smoked mayonnaise.

You won’t have to guess where to eat lunch in Boca Raton with tons of options. At Tucker Duke’s, you’ll find something perfect to pack your lunch box. Even vegetarians can find menu items they will love, such as Sami’s chickpea burger.

Try Bon Bons PB&J for a sweet and spicy twist in the classic Mom version. You’ll also want to pack your lunch box with an order for chicken egg buns, served with an avocado ranch. Hmm!

You can eat the best burger of your life at 1658 North Federal Hwy.

8. Six Tables Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

What happens when two culinary geniuses of hard work match bright ideas? The restaurant six times is also known as a star. And if you choose a list of the best places to eat in Boca Raton for dinner, six tables will surely be on the list.

In the imagination of Tom Finn and Jenny Finn, six tables is a small European-style restaurant. Seats are limited and picturesque because it has only six tables in the whole restaurant. Chandeliers hang elegantly above, and gold accents are visible throughout the decor, creating intimate cuisine.

You go to the star, which is best described as a full experience. After a short introduction of chefs, a six-floor Prix Fixe begins from 7 sharp chefs to 7 acute.

Free edible experience is intended for “wow” from beginning to end. From the presentation of beautiful dishes to the same atmosphere hanging from the air, every detail is unforgettable, like one of the places, intimate to eat in Boca Raton.

Dinner at Boca Raton on six tables every time begins with Aperitif and Hors d’Oeuvres. The menu offers a variety of creative twisting on classic appetizers and an exquisite wine list consistent with the appetizers. Bib Experience Salad Salad and Perfectly Spiced Mignon Filet Mignon. It’s so good, and it will also be your favourite.

When you finish discovering one of the best attractions in South Florida, make a reservation for the most special Boca dinner. You can find six restaurants in Boca Raton tables in the Miner Plaza shopping centre at 112 from the northeast of the second street.

9. The Boca Beach House

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton
Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

On the time when I want this sweet smell of coffee and butter syrup, make sure we eat at the Boca Beach house for breakfast in your mouth. This fun cafe brings a classic style Key West to Boca. Oh yes, and it is right next to the magnificent beaches of Florida.

This charming cafe is small but picturesque. This is a cheerful attitude standing out in restaurants in Boca Raton. A local estate for a passionate surfer, you can feel a free atmosphere that hangs in the air. Bright and colourful style, a cafe will start in the morning, each with a cup of coffee with hot petals!

Colour plates make you miss more. Breakfast is always given with local, high quality and different components completely. Fresh ingredients are the cornerstone of each recipe on Boca beach, making it worthy of all our return visits.

Try your huge four eggs. We continue to order a tortilla with seafood, which has lobster Maine, Blue Crab Meat and Shrimp. Fluffy pancakes are also irresistible.

Not for breakfast? Do not worry; the house on the beach embraced many options for sandwiches, tacos, burgers, and even salads. Try the best food in Boca Raton, sharp cheese grilled. Experience this delicious food in the mouth that will wow your taste buds.

Find the beach Body House at 877 East Palmetto Park Road, one block from the beach.

10. Twenty Twenty Grille

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

Twenty-twenty grills are among the best Boca Raton restaurants for a good meal. If you are looking for places to eat in Boca Raton, which specializes in high-quality American cuisine, then go to the net.

Chef Ron Weisheit asks for a cooking genius in this kitchen. After over 25 years in the culinary field, Ron chef reached many titles. World-famous and recognized worldwide, Chef Ron makes magic with an artistically prepared modern kitchen offered here.

Sustainable meat drove and Florida. Organic seasonal products perform the Buccal irrigation menu. Try the stand on a silver lamb oak lamb is served with tomatoes balsamic, rosemary gnocchi and a decade lamb reduction. Connect it with a glass of Willamette valley from the Pinot Noir cream.

With impeccable food, services and atmosphere, you will want to come back here again. This is a great place to celebrate special opportunities or enjoy a romantic meeting. Make a reservation for a special dinner for twenty-twenty bars. Located on 141 by oranges # 45 Royal Palm Place in Boca Raton.

11. Two Georges at The Cove

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

If you stay in the beautiful Florida Country House and look for a restaurant in Boca Raton in Water, visit two restaurants in Georges in Intraczelka. They have served fresh seafood and tasty traditional American cuisine for over 40 years. You can choose between new traps, light salads and adjustment or juicy and manually pressing hamburgers.

Large open windows and large outdoor fans bring this sweet ocean breeze to each table in this free and free environment. This is an ideal place for lunch or dinner.

Go to food and stay in a living atmosphere and sea view. It is not difficult to find a weekly entertainment live and music here. Look at DJ on Friday after 6 p.m. During the best Happy Hour of any restaurant in Boca Raton. Order the famous two Georges Rum-Runner, who presents Cruzan Rum, Blackberry Brandy and Banana Creme.

Try the stunned Tacos that come with the Caribbean sauce and a honeymoon reduction for lunch. We also love the Sautéed Shrimp butter that comes with an angel hair noodle for dinner.

Find two Georges in 1754. South-east from 3 courts in a beautiful Boca Raton.

12. Farmer’s Table

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton
Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

Go to the Farmer’s table for a great place to come to find something from the best dishes in Boca Raton for lunch. They serve healthy, delicious, high-quality dishes. Farmers’ table offers new American cuisine, bringing food to local origin from the Farmer’s table to his. They serve a kind of food that makes you feel well both inside and outside.

A beautiful rustic atmosphere invites you to relax in this elegant southern oasis. Linen and pre-established layer invite you to discover the economic meal at the table because you have never tried the Boca restaurant before.

Excellent food service and friendly are two reliable functions of the farmers’ table. A wide range of dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options, will be safe to meet everyone.

Begin the food directly with the “Spa-Day” drink. You certainly feel refreshed with an organic cucumber for plants, coconut water, lemonade and breaking cucumber and mint. Go to one of the tabs recommended as a delicious Lasagna toast eggplant. Go brunch to try a distracted toast of avocado on a toast multigrain.

Find restaurants on the Farmer’s table in Boca Raton in 1901 North Military Trail.

13. Tap 42

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

Touch 42 Makes our list of Boca Raton restaurants for its perfect brunch. Other weekly promotions and the eclectic atmosphere of the new age made the Kitchen Artisan 42, and the bar are among the premises.

Mossy is served without background with a bottle of champagne downloaded to a table with a choice of mixing juice. Funky Buddha Floridian is an alternative brunch option served in a tap for those who are not in Mimosa or Bloody Mary.

Try the hangover to cure Brunch Blues. These are the most delicious breakfast sandwiches of all. It is made of egg scramblers, apple chicken sausages and cheese with memory. Another favourite breakfast, green eggs and a Benedykt ham are made with a rabid orchard, pork and green chilli Hollandaise.

Visit the Circle of the City Center 5050 in Boca Raton to the Table in Kranu 42.

14. JB’s on the Beach

Best Restaurants In Boca Raton
Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

Boca Raton restaurants will take you to JB on the beach for the best delicious meal on a relaxed daily coast. It is a living restaurant that serves traditional classic seafood with a Caribbean tariff.

JB offers guests the most animated experience in the sea, overlooking the ocean in Boca Raton. Live music certainly entertains you in this relaxed and beautiful restaurant on the beach. This is a great place to spend time with friends or enjoy a romantic dinner.

Try a dried strawberry JB and goat cheese with flatbread. With ripe and juicy strawberries for a pair with goat and fountain cheese and “jam” of roasted peppers, it is safe that this is the best silver offered in Boca Raton.

JB on the beach is located at 300 North East 21st Avenue.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Restaurants In Boca Raton

Does Boca Raton have good restaurants?

Twenty Twenty Grille is one of the best restaurants in Boca Raton for fine dining. If you’re looking for places to eat in Boca Raton that specializes in crafting high quality, locally sourced American cuisine, then go to the grille.

What food is Boca known for?

Try longtime local favorite Max’s Grille – a pioneer in the South Florida food scene – known for simple, California-style cuisine like crab-crusted local snapper and maple-bourbon glazed baby back ribs. Or grab some Sriracha mojito mussels at Kapow Noodle Bar, also in Mizner Park.

How many restaurants are in Boca Raton?

With nearly 100 restaurants and eateries featuring cuisine and gourmet treats from around the world, Downtown Boca is a foodie’s dream come true. Make your plans or reservations now for a quiet dinner date, a night out with the kids, a special occasion or no-cook-Fridays.

Do cannoli kitchens deliver?

You can eat-in, pick-up, or simply call for delivery. Any way you choose, Cannoli Kitchen is committed to excellence in providing our customers with a superior product, a knowledgeable staff, and reasonable prices.

What is Mizner Park in Boca Raton?

Mizner Park is a high-end shopping, residential, and entertainment district located in the affluent downtown neighborhood of Boca Raton,FL. The district consists of a collection of high-end shops and restaurants with luxury apartments built in a Mediterranean Revival architectural style.

Is Boca Raton a rich area?

A rich area, known for its affluence and wealth, living in Boca Raton is similar to living in Miami but without the large crowds. Less expensive than West Palm Beach, Boca Raton is famous for its high-end country clubs and safe gated communities.

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